sabato 26 dicembre 2009


How to.
How to make this kind of veggie salad with mayonnese! We call it Russian salad, but I heard that it has various names, and it is known also as Italian Salad.... =_=

I won't say a definite quantity for each ingredients, you'll see that it's easier to add a bit more of this or that after tasting the salad. My mother likes it a little more "acid", while I like a lot of potatoes in it.
Also, to make it richer you can add boiled eggs and chicken.

french beans [since it's not the right season I had to use the canned one]
peas [again, I had use the canned one]

pickled cucumbers [gherkins?]
pickled onions
mixed pickled vegetables

olive oil

well...let's start!

Choose the carrots

and clean them

2. choose potatoes and wash them .
Do not remove the peel.

3. Put the vegetables into cold water, and add some salt.
Boil the vegetables.

4. Remove the carrots first, since they will cook faster.
do not wait until they get too soft, or they will get smashed when you mix the salad.
Let them cool.

5. Keep checking the potatoes with a fork, until they are cooked.
In the meantime start cutting the picled vegetables and the capers.

I usually cut in half also the little onions, since they are usually bigger than the other vegetable pieces.

6. Cut also the other vegetables [not the peas :P] into pieces and put everything into a big bowl.
7. Add salt, pepper, oil and mayonnese and mix well.
Taste it and add salt, mayonnese or picled vegetables until it fits your taste.

8. smooth the surface and decorate it as you like...
As you may guess, this was served on christmas day... :D

well...that's all...I hope you'll enjoy this and...MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)

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