mercoledì 19 maggio 2010

Pissed off

Ok, you're not working for three weeks. and you say you want to spare some time for me, because you love me, because you miss me, because you like spending time with me.
But you never call me. And you get angry if I even just post in fb something like "I'm always waiting for you to call, but you never do".
So angry that , for the first time in months, you call me 5 times in a row, and just because I couldn't hear the phone (as it always happens) you feel frustrated to the point of accusing me of being angry with you, that I always procrastinate our meetings (ME???) and that I don't really want to see you...and that coming to venice just to meet me is a pain in the ass because Venice is far, Venice is this and venice is that....

Ok...MY FAULT....

We meet for half an afternoon at the department store, flowers and little angels in the background, we agree on meeting on the next monday to go and eat sushi.
On the week-end I argue with mom because of something I lent you, so I ask you if I can come over to take it.. but you're not home...where are you? in VENICE with your new bf....>_>

ok...he's your boyfriend and he's more important than me, I can understand it.......

I send you a message over the week-end and you say that monday is a no-no, and so it slides to tuesday..
On monday, you don't even answer me.

On tuesday, I get ready to go out with you..BUT..."oh my gosh" you really have to clean something at your home, and you really can't meet me.
It slides on wednesday? I don't think so.
And after I tell you that, you don't answer again. So I text you for the third time. No answer. *thank you, my friend*

Even more thanks because now I know that you spent the whole day playing on farmville. I can understand your new bf, but if even a stupid game is more important than should just say it...
But no, you don't, because you're a person that does get angry if I don't write in a stupid quiz that you're my best friend...while acting as a stranger...

You should know better...

Oh..just like that time "I'm sorry, something came up and it's really urgent" and the next time "oh, that time? well..I could have woken up.." Sleeping was urgent...
I come after
work [ok]
your mom [even more ok]
your bf [I already hate him and I never met him]
your colleagues
your studies
your car
cleaning house [reads "playing farmville"]
sleeping that's a best friend...I wonder what would be an enemy..........

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